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Dance Fitness

We dance to our favorite songs on the radio that we would dance to at a nightclub. Then, we spice things up by adding boot camp-inspired exercises to make your workout more effective and challenging. If you’re plateauing in your traditional dance fitness class, this might be the answer to your prayers.


D3 CrossFit in Renton is performance and results based. For every workout, we write down your score. Depending on the workout out, this may include the number of reps you completed, how long it took you to complete the workout, or the heaviest load you were able to lift.

Krav Maga

Self-defense, fitness, and fight training are combined to create a truly unique program that fits the needs of everyone coming to our training centers. Whether your goal is to get into shape, learn how to defend yourself, or a combination of the two, Krav Maga Renton is the place for you.

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Fitness Programs

We strive to change lives through the various fitness programs we offer to our community. We’ve been successful at doing this for the past 10 years and we hope to continue doing it for many more years to come. The best part of it all, lives are being changed forever.

Staff Members

When you come through our doors, you will be greeted by caring staff members who will take time to learn your name. Not because they are told to do this but because they actually really do care about you. Dojo 3 is not your typical neighborhood gym if you haven’t noticed.

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